A fanatic.

The swing is a representation of the lost balance between our existence and its interpretation of the afterlife.

The swing is still, tilting without balance, unusable expressing the essence of how we commemorate a fanatic celebration of an “empty shell”.

In my installation the white blocks, the barbed wire form a border that is symbolic of how the commemoration takes precedence over the memory of a person. The border is strong and even the white blocks are trailing towards the sharp barbed wire and extend the barrier that keeps the balloon inside.

I introduced a balloon which is behind the fences to represent how memories sometimes are relegated to something less important, its fragility also mirrors the instability of the swing, its yellowness is the brightest color we can see. It is a symbol and a representation of enlightenment and remembrance. The color yellow evokes a strong emotions and is a visual focus.

The swing has become a metaphor of a still object and a commemorated form which I have used as a vessel to “exorcise” the meaning of death and how religion justifies it.

A big symbolic element in my composition are the “flattened spoons” metallic, cold reflecting our emotions in how we follow the same commemorative pattern.