Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh: “Making chalk marks on water”.


Manipulation, translation and interpretation of languages especially when they are connected with the past and mythology are an artistic interest to Salvatore Capuano.

He is fascinated by the Greek language and culture because as an Italian they share the same DNA.

The Greek word “Χίμαιρα” translates in English as “Chimera” is an inspirational topic which he found whilst researching other artists.

Greeks and Italians have a common need to emigrate and this perhaps is related to them losing their former glory.

Chasing “Chimera” is an illusion they may have followed blindly with no real reward.

The writing on the floor said: “For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers.”

Homer, The Odyssey

From the Italian: “In verità pochi figli sono simili al padre; i più son da meno, pochi migliori del padre.”