Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow: “Inevitable Mash”.

My work “-anta” will relate to my previous work in how I want to build a visual language using metaphors.

Also the use of Latin text, which I see as a language strongly connected with past, mythology, my background I found being an interesting aspect in my practise.

A step ahead in this work is the experimentation with the sand and the challenge to make durable the writing on it.

Making the inscription on wet sand and let it naturally go dry for the exhibition to reflecting the natural ageing of my father.

The inscription on the sand reflects the durability and the Latin text “viridis” said figuratively youthful, recent, strong , robust contrasting the idea that my father

The use of sand is objective and its end intention created parallel distance between me the wet sand and my dad the dry sand.

My envelopes became transparent but they aimed to contain memories in pictures.

The repetition in the layout of the composition is a fundamental aspect that helps visually to connect a piece together, it builds a journey in the floral foam bricks, through the barbed wire which drove the wind pattern.

Once again the repetition of the letterboxes are the same like the envelopes coming to an end because broken is about dementia.

I was sceptical about the formal qualities of the artwork during the developmental stage but it turned out everything started to come together finally revealing an interesting outcome.

In order to achieve a more satisfying and personal approach, that allowed my to focus on a single idea, I decided to gave a different tone to the artwork experimenting with text and languages.

My main achievement is in how I managed to express the universality of the theme using a local language.

The final resolution it is a result of an everyday research and selection of materials for their symbolic meanings.