This project is about Neapolitan people who don’t like to question things, they don’t like change, change is frowned upon. In Naples I am baffled by my fellow citizens, that they refuse to embrace change, to except a different reality, I always find that I am alone and isolated in my willingness to embrace the new. 

This installation is a depiction of volatile words on acetate. The words translated are from my Neapolitan language. Shout down, cover up, bury it in the ground. These words eco or express the silencing of myself. The words become volatile as the wind is shaking and aggressively trying to blow them away. 

The acetate is also a kite, a memory from childhood of how I flow kites with my father, a reminder of my family, my home and my country. I am the kite that flow away. The envelopes are empty and never stamped and send. 

The Black color of the envelops represent my strong-willingness and determination to make a change. 

The envelopes are letters without addresses, which I want to forward, forward a message about the need for change. 

The writing on the envelopes says a “a gush of wind would be enough” as it brings a new awareness, a need to bring about a new way of thinking. 

The bricks are heavy and weighted they relate to my feelings, the words says look at the widow but run away, this is a funny Neapolitan proverb but it reflects my gut feelings, a draining, an emptynes and isolation about my relationship with my country Naples. 

The cone, is pointed towards change they contain the words wind, and take away, I am hoping for change to metaphically remove prejudice that is blinding my native Neapolitans. 

The barbed wire is the sharpest element that underline my private thoughts “fencing out”, keeping out my personal objection.  

I wanted to find out what the triangle represented, I was amazed that in Greek culture it symbolised a doorway. It is a combination of balancing thought and emotion, it provides a doorway to a higher wisdom. I am that person that is embracing change my journey to Scotland provided a doorway.