Mare Nostrum.

In my artwork I tried to express the need to make silent my former nation’s echo, to “cut the cord” that kept me always linked with the past.

The chain sunk in my own luggage is a metaphor to communicate my desire to “Settle down” in a new nation.

The personal “cultural luggage” is a box made of what we decided to take with us.

What we left behind are only questions about your integrity, your heritage and what you take is what you choose to pack.

Moving abroad is docking in a new harbour where you sink or swim and your memories are blurred and hazy and this I encased in jelly.

The jelly represents the sea, the Roman “Mare Nostrum” (Our Sea) because it is the real essence of our Nation more so than the land.

Blurring memories,  in water (jelly) are still chained to my cultural heritage.

I constructed my composition in layers which gave a fragmented appearance this represented the different contrasts and emotions that overtook me before I decided to leave my Nation.